Medical Team

Medical team overview

Join our team and you’ll gain skills and qualifications as you work in a fast-paced and rewarding environment. Our well-equipped medical centres and people-centric business ethics ensure quality patient care, with opportunities for invaluable experience across all medical specialisms.

Our teams work hard and enjoy amazing travel experiences, a stable salary and the benefits of working in the private healthcare sector.

Your career at sea

As a cruise medic you’ll grow both technical and non-technical skills, supported by a team both on board and ashore.

We’ll help you broaden your independent practitioner skillset while providing gold standard care in a unique environment. Gain technical skills such as running blood tests or performing X-rays, alongside first responder duties supporting the team with immediate patient care and transfers. You’ll also learn about the management and upkeep of a standalone medical department, including maintaining rosters, supplies, and equipment.

From a personal perspective, you’ll work within a team of other experienced medical professionals, developing strong working relationships to bring the best out of yourself and others. And should you return to shore, your years of ship experience will help you secure a more senior role.

If you’re a Doctor at least 4-years post-qualified, or a Nurse at least 3-years post-qualified, with A&E or ICU experience, we’d love you to join our team!

Career path

Career path